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The Beast of the Earth
April 20, 2018 07:07 PM PDT

Part 1: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iron seem to be a hotbed of supernatural events including Nephilim and other hybrid creatures killing and eating men. Tonight this topic is concluded with a little history that got us there in the first place. The biblical order comes from God. The confusion comes from the demonic. So we must first understand the order of things before comprehending whats happening now and what will be.

Paranormal Whac-A-Mole
April 18, 2018 08:27 PM PDT

Whac-A-Mole is a popular arcade redemption game invented in 1976 where a never-ending process of trying to beat down a mole with a mallet that consistently pops its head out of a hole. Today paranormal and supernatural events are happening at a rapid rate much like this game. Tonight in connection with this scenario I address the process of fighting an enemy you cannot see. Included in tonight's show is a description of the brain structure that regulates fear and other parts of the brain controlled by demons. Also included tonight show is the Spirit Phone!

Project Blue Book and the Men in Black
April 13, 2018 06:53 PM PDT

Tonight we look at who the Men in Black may be and their assignments. Are they human? Are they alien? Or a combination of the two? In either case, we cannot ignore the fact that people all over the country have for years reported seeing them, visited by them and even disappeared once coming in contact with them and never seen again.

The Spirits of Doctor Death
April 11, 2018 06:36 PM PDT

Tonight the question again is raised about demonic infection vs possession concerning demonic spirits. Can Christian have spirits/demons? What really are spirits? Are they demons or something else? Where do spirits go when a person dies? Is spirits part of a generational curse? All of these questions should be asked by everybody, especially those who call themselves Christians! However, the mainstream church teaching does nothing to educate or train the true believer what they are really dealing with. So tonight from Josef Mengele who was a German Schutzstaffel officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II; to homosexual demons will be addressed tonight.

Cloning, Hybrids and Demons the Biblical connection with Pastor Douglas Riggs
April 06, 2018 06:46 PM PDT

What is the end-times connection with cloning, hybrids, demons, and Nephilim? Is this the army that comes against Jesus Christ in the Valley of Armageddon? Are they already among us? Tonight guest Pastor Douglas Riggs joins TFHC in an interesting conversation that connects the supernatural, UFO's and earthy things compared to spiritual things.

Nevada Trip Completion
April 06, 2018 06:42 PM PDT

Update on Eric Dollard interview in southern Nevada and other topics. Open mic open topics some specific discussions on events past and present. Eric Dollard was a child prodigy working for RCA Corp. and the US Navy at an early age involved in many projects that parallel Nicola Tesla experiments!

Kecksburg PA Paranormal Sightings
March 30, 2018 06:13 PM PDT

From UfO's to Flying Creatures to upright walking Dog-men. Including Thunderbird's and Men in Black have been reported in Kecksburg, PA starting around 1965. However, reports of a hairy man-like creature dating back from the 1800's as well. Tonight an overlook of these incidences and what could be going on...

Open Mic 03/29/2018
March 29, 2018 06:11 PM PDT

Update on events and past topics with new subjects. Also, I will be going to Tonopah, NV to meet with Eric Dollard for a personal interview. Any support for travel expense would be appreciated. Tonopah falls with the Area 51 hot zone. Between his knowledge of Tesla technology and any supernatural events in his area should make for a good show.

The Montauk Project with Preston Nichols - Interview 03/23/2018
March 26, 2018 11:42 AM PDT

A Recent interview with Preston Nichols, 03/23/2018. The Montauk Project both mind control and time travel has been the forefront of today's technology used in MK Ultra Monarch experiments and Time Travel leading to CERN opening up Portals/Stargates. Tonight's guest Preston Nichols was the assistant of engineering at the Montauk Air Force Base called Camp Hero, located on the tip of Long Island, New York. Now called Montauk State Park. Only some items remain that still draws people to investigate the site. From the Philadelphia experiment also known as the Rainbow project to recent projects will be the focus of tonight's show. Also, see video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z4Bw8WvTQQ

Forced Live Organ Harvesting of Christians and Falun Gong Chinese update
March 22, 2018 06:48 PM PDT

Special show for Thursday 03/22/2018 5 pm Pacific time on TFHC. Live Organ Harvesting of Christians and Falun Gong Chinese update with Mitchell Nicholas Gerber. The FORCED Organ harvesting in China. 100s of thousands of House Christians and Falun Gong practitioners have been sent to state-mandated hospitals in China, cut open while ALIVE, their organs forcefully removed, the organs sold for massive amounts of profit and the bodies burned in boiler room ovens of the hospitals to conceal the evidence. A new form of evil going on now for 18+ years.

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